We provide an abundant variety of lift installation services.
These are a few of the various ranges of lifts we can offer, and install.

Passenger Lifts

We provide an extensive range of passenger lift designs and options - there are many customer configurations available - on items such as wall materials, ceiling finishes, and floor coverings.
Get a finish that's just right - down to the smallest details. Our handrails, mirrors and lighting finishes are customer specifiable - something that's not usually available from standardised models.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Passenger Lift support services include, Lift Safety Inspections (SAFed), Lift Servicing, Lift Maintenance and 24 Hour Emergency Cover 365 days per year.

Technical Help

Our technical and design team will happily provide support to Clients, Architects, Designers and Specifiers.

Goods Lifts

We can provide Goods Lifts to suit just about any application.

Our flexible approach to design and manufacture helps us to ensure Goods Lifts can fit and work where standard alternatives are not suitable.

Individually Tailored

Each Goods Lift contract is tailored precisely and efficiently to meet the Clients individual requirements. We can provide a joint client, design facility and are able to meet short delivery periods.

Decorative Features

A large range of Decorative Features and Surface Finishes are available to help ensure the aesthetic design aims of the Client are met.

Wide Range

We provide Traction and Hydraulic drive Goods Lifts with a wide range of size, capacity, feature and control options.

Hands free auto dialler emergency call systems which will automatically make the Emergency Call direct to our Duty Engineers, on activation of the Lift Emergency Alarm button.

Hydraulic drive Goods Lifts can have a remote motor room saving space while greatly enhancing design opportunities.

High Reliability

Use of the latest well tried and tested Goods Lift technology ensures high reliability and optimum performance.

Standards and Certification

We meet all appropriate Safety Standards, EU Directives, British Standards and ISO 9001.

Complete Packages

Complete Goods Lift package options include everything from Planning and Design through to Final Commissioning.

Platform Lifts

We offer an extensive range of disabled access platform lifts that are designed and tested to the most rigorous technical specifications. These can be applied for lift travels of 300mm to 9000mm (up to 5 levels) meeting all the appropriate standards.
Our products fulfil a crucial market need, which often cannot be met by conventional passenger lifts.

Dependable & Cost Effective

The General Lift Company Limited is a BS EN 81 ISO 9001: 1994 Registered Company and our range of disabled and wheelchair access platform lifts have been type tested and risk assessed by an EEC registered and notified body and therefore carry the CE Mark.
For those potential users who need to carry out work on occupied buildings or operate on tight budgets, our platform lift range offers significant installation and cost benefits.

Features and benefits of Platform Lifts...

Attractive modular and flexible design
Suit private, public or commercial use
Very economical when compared to traditional lifts
Building work is minimal
Usually 4 to 5 days to install
Low headroom and maintenance requirements
No separate lift shaft or machine room is required
Usually only a 50mm pit or ramp needed
Very easy to operate
Fully DDA compliant

Disability Discrimination Act - DDA

In 1995, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) introduced laws aimed at ending the discrimination that many disabled people faced. From 2004 onwards there was a duty to remove physical barriers created in buildings whether new or old. All organisations that provide goods and services to the public, whether paid or free, are covered by the DDA - no matter how large or small they are.
The Act has far reaching implications. Building owners, managers, developers and service providers should assess their premises, identify access improvements and include these in their building programmes.

Service Lifts

We can provide Service Lifts to suit just about any application in the work place including, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Banks and Hospitals.

Our flexible approach to design and manufacture helps ensure Service Lifts can fit and work where standard alternatives are not suitable.

Pre assembled modular Service Lifts enable fast delivery and installation.

Individually Tailored

Each Service Lift contract is tailored to precisely and efficiently meet every Clients individual requirements.

Decorative Features

A large range of Decorative Features and Surface Finishes are available to help ensure the aesthetic design aims of the Client are met.

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Traction Lifts

Traction Machine Room-Less (MRL) lifts have their drive units located within the lift shaft. The drive unit steelwork is fitted to the lift car and counterweight guide rails with insulation pads. The loads imposed are transmitted down the guide rails to the pit floor.
MRL traction lift capacities of 4 persons to 33 persons are available options for adjacent entry and open-through doors. For non-standard traction machine room-less lift requirements please contact Landmark Lifts for a no obligation consultation.

Technology in motion

The lift control is based upon microprocessor technology with low energy consumption. The incorporation of multi-layer systems has reduced the internal equipment size, thereby allowing a reduction in the overall size of the control panel - just one of the many technical innovations featured in MRLs.