In unlikely event of a failure, our Lift Repairs Teams can carry out Lift Repairs with minimal disruption and to enable full lift service to be resumed as soon as possible.

The advantages of our quality lift repairs service options include:

Quick response

Experienced Engineers with in depth knowledge of lift repairs and lift systems

Compliance with Health and Safety at Work Act

Response vehicles carry a wide range of spares

We are highly proficient at customising, modernising, or when necessary, replacing existing lift systems within existing building parameters.

Each Lift Modernisation contract is tailored to precisely and efficiently meet every Clients individual requirements.

Where full modernisation is not commercially viable, we can carry out upgrades of various components to meet in part BS7255:2001 Safe Working on Lifts. A few examples are:
Auto diallers for emergency communication
Lift shaft lighting
Inspection car top control units
Lift car emergency lighting
Full Height infra red door detector edges to enable non contact passenger protection.
For a full list of upgrades please do not hesitate to contact our Modernisation Sales department.

High Reliability

Use of the latest well tried and tested Lift technology ensures high reliability and optimum performance

Standards and Certification

We meet all appropriate Safety Standards, EU Directives, British Standards and ISO 9001.

Complete Packages

The Complete Lift Modernisation package options include everything from Planning and Design through to Final Commissioning.

The Ongoing Lift Modernisation support services include, Lift Safety Inspections (SAFed), Lift Servicing, Lift Maintenance and 24 Hour Emergency Cover 365 days per year.

Technical Help

Our technical and design team will happily provide support to Clients, Architects and Designers.